Move Your Fitness Regime Outdoors

Have you fallen into an exercise rut? Are you growing bored of your same routine in the gym week after week? Take your workout from drudgery to joy by moving it outside. Fresh air, sunshine and the wind on your face is enough to re-energize just about anyone that become tired of their same old workout regime. Follow these recommendations from the fitness experts to ramp up your outdoor workout routine. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and stock up outdoor gear from the enormous selection available at Patagonia.

Hats off to you for recognizing the importance of consistent exercise as part of a total body wellness program. The key to sustainability is to engage in an exercise that you truly enjoy. Inject some variety into your workouts and by all means try new activities.  If you live near a lake or waterway, consider trying standup paddle boarding, kayaking or swimming. These are all great workouts that require balance and strength from a variety of muscle groups. Many recreations areas at lakes have small marinas that rent stand up paddle boards and kayaks for those wishing to try the sport for the first time. Move out of your comfort zone, enlist a friend and give it a try.



Don’t underestimate the value of a rigorous hike, jog or walk through the trails at your local park or on your town’s greenway. Allow at least an hour to achieve a true workout and elevate your heart rate. Again, grab a friend to join you especially if you are not familiar with the park or trails. Generally, trails are well marked, but should an accident or slip occur, you certainly don’t want to be alone.

Finally, simply take your yoga mat and hand weights outside and complete your workout. Bring up your favorite exercise video on a tablet or laptop and enjoy the fresh air. You’ll feel a huge difference taking your workout to the great outdoors! Best of luck to you in ramping up your workout regime!